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The individuals selected to serve as the Company Commander are the cream of the crop of commissioned officers. Hand selected by the Commanding General of Second Marine Division these Marines have each contributed to the success of the company since its inception in 1991.

A tremendous debt of gratitude is owed to these dynamic leaders and to their contributions to the Marine Corps. Each of these Officers have directly contributed to the expansion of the Marine Corps Riverine program.

It has been my distinct pleasure to have served alongside each of these tremendous leaders.

Commanding Officers of Small Craft Company
  1. Major Edward Boekenkamp (Plankowner) (1991-1993)
  2. Captain John W. Capdepon (Interim) (1993)
  3. Major Bradford M. Sargent (1993-1995)
  4. Major Michael A. Walker (1995)
  5. Major Robert R. (Randy Bo) Lane (1995-1997)
  6. Major Paul D. Greatsinger (1997-1999)
  7. Major John R. Shafer (1999-2001)

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