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The first Sergeant of Small Craft Company is a very challenging duty. As the senior enlisted Marine in the Company he is the Enlisted advisor to the Commanding Officer.

Every 1st Sergeant has been a professional Marine with valuable insight into the everyday working of the Marine Corps. Thier primary duty has been to develop the professionalism of the Marines under their charge. Each has accomplished this task flawlessly.

In charge of a variety of MOS's the First Sergeant is personally responsible for the development of his Marines both technically and tactically.

The following is a list of the professionals who have served as the first Sergeant of Small Craft Company.

  1. 1st Sergeant Wheland (1991-1993)
  2. 1st Sergeant Gagne, D. P. (1993-1995)
  3. 1st Sergeant Shreck (1995-1996)
  4. 1st Sergeant Newman, D. L. (1996-1997)
  5. GySgt Hoak, R. W. (1997 Interim)
  6. 1st Sergeant Head, S. R. (1997-1999)
  7. 1st Sergeant Harrison, R. L. (1999-2001)

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